All David Edward designs, manufactured in either Black Cherry and/or Northern Hard Maple, are available in 18 catalyzed standard wood finishes. These catalyzed finishes are resistant to scratches, cigarette burns and most chemicals. Open grain finishes are standard on Maple Wood. Filled finishes are standard on Cherry wood.

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All finishes shown on Cherry wood begin with 2 and are cross matched with Maple wood. All maple wood finishes begin with 4. Check the wood species of the design specified and select the finish accordingly. Please contact factory regarding:
* Large wood finish samples-no charge
* Custom finish information & pricing
* Care & maintenance of wood finishes
* Finish methods & performance factors.

#48 Light Maple on Maple Wood
*Available on designs in maple wood only.

#25 Ebony on Cherry Wood
#45 Ebony on Maple Wood Solid black, revealing no grain

#26 Macassar on Cherry Wood
#46 Macassar on Maple Wood Solid black, revealing grain

#29 Oak on Cherry Wood
#49 Oak on Maple Wood

#27 Walnut on Cherry Wood
#47 Walnut on Maple Wood

#40A Clear satin on Maple Wood
*Finish disclaimer required

#21 Light Cherry on Cherry Wood
#41 Light Cherry on Maple Wood

#22 Medium Cherry on Cherry Wood
#42 Medium Cherry on Maple Wood

#23 Noce on Cherry Wood

#43 Noce on Maple Wood

#20A Clear satin on Cherry Wood
*Finish disclaimer required

#24 Mahogany on Cherry Wood
#44 Mahogany on Maple Wood

411 Driftwood on Maple