David Edward encourages all of our customers to exclusively utilize the Textile Alliance Program, which further ensures accurate delivery of our designs for your projects. David Edward has teamed up with the industry’s top textile providers to combine our energy and streamline the order entry and delivery process.

David Edward will purchase the COM on your behalf, which allows your order to immediately be placed into our production schedule. Otherwise, standard COM procedure requires us to hold your order until ALL of your COM has arrived thus delaying your project.

David Edward takes responsibility for the delivery of the COM, the accuracy of the order, and that all widths and repeats have been accounted for. Please obtain the current textile suppliers grade by clicking on their name. To properly specify, please add clearly and in bold writing to the P.O.; David Edward to purchase: ________

David Edward can buy non-alliance textile providers, but we charge 20% for this service, as we do not have an established program.


Textile Grading Chart


Pattern Repeat Yardage Calculation Chart


Textile Alliance – Fabric Card Programs

Blazer Camira
Design Tex
Enviro Leather
Innovative Textile Card
Lariat Maharam
Momentum Resilience
Momentum Endurance
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Leather Program

Dura Hides
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