This segment of our website contains products available for purchase through our clearance program. Items available are photo samples, showroom samples, trade show samples, over run on orders, and prototypes.

Terms and Conditions: Clearance prices are Net, FOB Plant, Blanket Wrapped, and maintain no warranty. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The pictures you view may not be the actual item you are purchasing, but are a representation of the style of the item you will receive. Special notes are listed about each product which will provide the details of the wood species, finish and fabric. The product condition is categorized by the following:


Original Factory Condition.


The product looks new, is in excellent structural condition, and needs no reconditioning.


The product is free of any major defects, has experienced minimal or no previous use, but may have minor cosmetic issues with finish and/or upholstery.


The product has some cosmetic defects or flaw, but is structurally sound.


For further assistance, to place an order or for more details, email us today: