Johan Verde (born in 1964) is one of our most distinctive and recognised designers. His particular design idiom has attracted attention and garnered awards both in Norway and abroad. His Spir range of porcelain for Figgjo was cited by Tyler Brl, former editor of Wallpaper*, as an example of the pinnacle of Norwegian design. Sir Terence Conrad has also specifically commented on Verde's range of porcelain, and Bradley Quinn called Johan Verde the best designer in Europe.Johan Verde has designed a broad spectrum of products: from chocolate to interiors, furniture and boat design. His Figgjo Verde mug has become an icon that is sold all over the world today. He has also taken on the role of creative director for Beyond Risr, where he developed an interdisciplinary working relationship involving different themes such as light and acoustics. Beyond Risr has played a key role in turning the spotlight on design in Norway. Through his work over the years, and through his involvement as creative director for Beyond Risr, Johan Verde has inspired and motivated a great many young designers. Exhibitions: DogA in Oslo, London, Brussels, Tokyo, Finland and a number of international travelling exhibitions. Johan Verde's works are on sale all over the world from outlets including the London Design Museum Shop. Several of his products are included in the permanent collection of the Norwegian National Museum. Awards: iF design award, Red Dot Design Award, Best Kitchenware/Wallpaper*, Good Design Award/Norwegian Design Council and PEN Awards/Paris. Johan Verde is married and has three children.